About us

LM Leather Goods is a third-generation, family-owned, American maker of quality leather goods. Since 1975, LM has been honing their craft from within their re-purposed 1920s department store workshop. An old freight elevator leads from their third-floor leather warehouse down to their production floor where a waft of leather greets you - along with a team of master-craftsmen who have amassed over 300 years of combined experience in knowing what truly goes into making a lasting, reliable, leather good.   Want more of the backstory?   Read below!

Made In USA // Est. 1975 
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The Humble Roots of LM Leather Goods
In reality, LM started when a great Midwestern blizzard swooped into Anderson in January of 1975.  The founder of LM, Larry (the L of "LM") found himself unable to leave his house because of the bad weather.  He was stuck with a house full of kids who were also beginning to get cabin fever.   He snuck down to the basement and opened the Tandy Leather Beginner Leather Kit that he received for Christmas.  To this point he had never been interested in leather work.  He was a musician and sold instruments at his music retail shop in town.  But, he caught 'the leather bug' and quickly became obsessed with it - drawing back to his days in boy scouts when his favorite activity was leather braiding.  As he learned the basics of leather-working, he began making leather guitar straps to sell at his store.  Soon, a traveling sales rep came though to sell him some guitars.  But the straps Larry was making caught the salesman's eye.  He asked Larry if he could buy some to sell in other music stores.   Quickly, he sold them all and was back for more.  Thus, the snowball began to grow.  And with lots of late nights, a good share of mistakes, even more hard work and a few really great ideas along the way, Larry and his son Larry Jr. grew LM Products into the largest maker of guitar straps in the USA.  And as they say it.... the rest is history!