Leather Care Guide

We here at LM believe you shouldn't "baby" your leather.  We like ours to show proof of its age and adventures.  We believe a pristine bag is missing out on all it was built for - to be used, abused, enjoyed and passed on to the next generation... scars and all.   But we also know you have to take care it along the way.  Take care of your leather and it will take care of you!

Here's what we recommend:

If you have a full leather bag, we suggest conditioning it every two months or more frequently if in extremely hot/cold or extremely wet/dry climates and conditions.  We really like Griot's 3-In-1 for all of our leathers (excluding suede).  It does a nice job and helps to clean, condition, and buff out surface scratches.  It also smells amazing.  


If you know you'll be in a lot of rain/snow, you may want to apply a waterproofing spray to it.  Personally, we don't do this but you may want to if you're concerned about the effects of inclement weather on your leather bag.  We use Scotchgard and Kiwi brand on boots and have had good success with those.  If you don't waterproof it and your leather bag gets wet, we recommend a good conditioning soon after to keep all the oils in the leather.  


If you have a waxed canvas bag, you may want to re-wax it every couple years or as you see it 'dry' out.  This isn't necessary but the wax will naturally wear off over time, leaving it less water repellent.  We suggest Otter Wax brand wax.  


If you ever have any questions on the care and maintenance of your LM Leather Good and want our professional opinion, just shoot us an email or give us a call!


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